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What is Stretch-n-Grow?
Stretch-n-Grow (SNG) is an internationally renowned program designed to promote exercise and wellness for children. SNG launched in 1992 and has since become the world's leading provider of children's fitness, nutrition and educational movement programs serving children in thousands of cities in 20 countries.
Whether you are a school who wants to offer our programs or a parent interested in getting your child more active and physically fit, we can meet your needs! From toddlers to 'tweens, we offer a wide variety of movement-based, on-site fitness and enrichment programs. Our programs are hosted by public and private school partners throughout the Rio Grande Valley.
We are fighting childhood obesity one kid at a time. Thousands of centers across Texas and the globe choose Stretch-n-Grow as their one-stop fitness and movement shop. Won't you join us in helping your kids get healthy, active and physically fit?
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We have a childhood physical education, nutrition and wellness program. Our primary objective is  improving the level of fitness of kids and teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the perils of inactivity. We assist parents and educators in developing good health and fitness habits in young children.  Read more.
As an educator parents expect a lot from you. They assume you know how to keep their kids moving and healthy. They assume you know exactly what to feed them and how much to feed them..

Do you know how much exercise kids really need?  Read more.
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